What We Do

What We Do!

We provide solutions for OFF Grid, ON Grid/Grid Tie and Hybrid ensuring that our customers enjoy the best solution available in the industry. Our product range starts from KW to MW Solar Power Plant serving mainly into three segments such us Domestic, Commercial and Industrial customers. Our products are mainly designed to provide solution for the unmet needs of target customers such as Comfort of having 24/7 Electricity, Freedom of Generation own Electricity, Benefit of reducing Electricity Bills up to 80% and also helping to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission hence Protecting the Plant for Next Generation.


To reach all corners of the World to provide and to promote clean energy solutions with the help of advanced technology without compromise on Quality, Transparency and Trust, to our target customers. Sunpower is committed to foster comfortable and luxurious life style to society through solar energy solutions as a result building a better World.

Our Core Mission

Quality, Transparency and Trust are our core values which bind us with our loyal customers. Sunpower values customers at the centre of the business and believes in retention of customers through providing excellent solutions and services.


To create and to promote clean energy solutions, as a result providing a comfortable and luxurious life style to the society, through advanced technology.


Sunpower team of employees shares a common passion for accelerating the pace of global solar energy. Committed to fostering an equal opportunity environment in which diverse groups are included and supported. Sunpower is proud of its multicultural Business environment where everyone can meet to work with people from around the world.