Designing and Manufacturing – LT Panels

Array Junction Boxes

Array Junction Boxes (AJB), a.k.a. String Combiner Box, combines the DC String of Solar Photovoltaic Arrays from field. It’s the AJB that supplies the combined DC as its final output, and eventually the DC input to the Inverter’s MPPTs. Over years’ of experience in the designing and execution of different SPV Power Projects, SunPower has excelled in designing and manufacturing the most feasible, safe, personalized and cost-effective IP65 AJBs. We feel privileged to supply our maintenance-free product to
our clients and have them forget the hassle of maintaining our product.

AC Distribution Boxes

AC Distribution Boxes are nothing but an interfacing LT Panel that combines the AC output of one or more Solar Inverters and acts as an interface between the inverters and the existing DISCOM connection. SunPower’s years’ of experience in designing and execution of projects have now taken into a shape of being an effective and safe designer and manufacturer of most feasible ACDBs at very cost effective prices.