SunPower is one of India’s Solar Power Project EPC Company with significant expertise in Design, Engineering, Installation & Commissioning (I&C) of Solar Photovoltaic system.We are manufacturers and suppliers of LT Panels and BoS components of SPV Power Systems. With a team of young engineers, guided by ex-General Manager of a Power Development Company, we are dedicated in this industry with a lot of fresh discoveries to help make the most of the solar energy in business enterprises and in civic infrastructural developments. We pledge to take Make In India forward and make our country be cleaner and greener on energy.


SunPower has started designing and manufacturing of LT Panels (AJBs and ACDBs)

SunPower has successfully installed the 15.18kWp EPC of GCRT SPV Power Project, along with 5 nos Solar Powered Street Lights at a renowned orphanage in Purba Medinipur, W.B..

SunPower designed a 10kWp SPV Power Project at Anand College of Education, Debra, and successfully made it operational.

SunPower has successfully commissioned 25.125 kWp SPV Power Project at Sugam Park, Asansol

SunPower has been awarded with EPC contract of 15.18 kWp SPV Power Project at Antyodoy Orphanage, Paushi, W.B.

SunPower successfully commissioned 5nos Solar-powered Sajal Dhara (Solar Submersible Pump) under PHE in Balagarh, Hooghly, W.B.

SunPower bagged I&C contract of 300kWp GCRT SPV Power Project at Balaji Rotomoulders Pvt Ltd site.

SunPower has successfully installed & commissioned elevated structural 60kWp SPV Project at Swami Vivekananda Ancestral Home & Cultural Centre, Kolkata

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Every second the sun produces enough energy to sustain the earth’s needs for 500,000 years. But, why use it?
it's economically sensible: The cost of conventional electricity is rising every year. After the initial cost of installing solar infrastructure in your home or workplace, you have zero recurring costs on solar power supply.
It’s environmentally sustainable: Let’s face it, we are using coal and other fossil fuels much faster than it can renew itself. As a result, the world is running out of non-renewable resources. The sun,on the other hand, shines everyday. Research suggests that a 1kW solar power system saves 77 kg of coal from being burned, 397 litres of water from being consumed and 136 kg of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere.

What We do

Our Core Mission

Quality, Transparency and Trust are our core values which bind us with our loyal customers. Sunpower values customers at the centre of the business ...

Our Vision

To create and to promote clean energy solutions, as a result providing a comfortable and luxurious life style to the society ...

People and management

Sunpower team of employees shares a common passion for accelerating the pace of global solar energy. Committed to fostering an equal opportunity environment in which diverse groups are included ...

Our Recent Works

15kWp EPC SPV Power Project, Purba Medinipur

SunPower has successfully installed the EPC project of 15.18kWp GCRT SPV Power Project at a renowned…

60kWp RKM Swami Vivekananda Ancestral Home

SunPower took up the challenge of installing & commissioning the 60kWp SPV power project with erection of elevated..

25.125kWp SPV Power Project, Asansol

SunPower has successfully completed the I&C of 25.125kWp project at Sugam Park, Asansol.

300kWp SPV Power Project

SunPower is carrying out the I&C of 300kWp SPV Power Project at Balaji Rotomoulders Pvt Ltd, Dankuni.